Morning Report April 3/2020

Good Morning Folks. I hope everyone is well starting of this cloudy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We should see a wee bit of sunshine as the day progresses. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 2.9 C | 37.22 F and will warm up as the day moves forward. Which will make things just that much better. 90% of our snow has left us with a bit remaining in certain spots here and there. The grass is starting to green up some and I suspect the leaves will soon be making their appearance which we all are in need of right now. Especially in the city areas where this virus is increasing so fast. The thing is … a lot of folks aren’t listening, and not staying put or away from others. My wife and I was very disappointed to see when we picked up some groceries in North Bay of all the people in the grocery stores . Our son gets it for us and we pick it up in the parking lot where he lives. We don’t hug each other, or get close to each other. We call him from our car on the phone, he brings our groceries out to us, loads it in the back and we leave, and chat to him on the phone on the way home. The ones that aren’t taking this serious has to smarten up and do it quickly before it is too late if it isn’t already. I don’t understand some peoples way of thinking. The stores at any given time are crowded with them going about their business like nothing is going on in the world. The thing is, it is going to get worse, but it will get even more worse, if people keep doing what they are doing. It might look like in certain areas that the virus isn’t bad, but that is no reason to be mingling with others or crowding the stores. This virus is spread from person to person … we all know that, or should know that. Again, I don’t understand some peoples thinking. The thing is … they aren’t just putting their own life in danger, they are putting others. For every one that gets it it’s quite possible two more will also get it and it keeps on increasing. There are also many more that have it walking around among us that don’t even know they have it, which should make folks take more precautions, but some are not. On another note, I personally believe that face masks will help things a lot if worn properly, taking the necessary precautions of how to dispose of them and move them around on your face after being in public. Mainly it will be making sure after you touch the masks not to touch your face which you should be doing now. At any rate, that is about all I have to say here this morning, I have said my peace. I hope that more people will start to take this serious. As I say your life depends on it, as well as others. We have the ability to do this, so simply put, do it. Sheesh. Have a great day. GW

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