Morning Report April 4/2020

Good Morning. Well … it’s another cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Kind of a surprise yesterday as the rain we had shouldn’t have happened. LOL Goes to show you that no matter how good we humans think we are figuring out things, we aren’t always right. Today once again we should see a wee bit of sunshine later on in the day. Tomorrow we should see even more and the warm temperatures will stay with us for a few days which will make things nicer. I am hoping the rain holds off so I can get to Tilling up my vegetable gardens. The sooner I get that done the sooner things will dry, so I can get to planting a few things. Things that like the cooler temperatures. I also noticed the Robins are back, if I remember correctly the first one I seen was a week ago. Not to many birds at the feeder these days, not sure what that is all about. Usually there are lots this time of year that drops by and cleans up the reminisces of winter under the feeder. But there again you never know what nature has up her sleeve. Today I will be doing some work around the house here being it isn’t that nice outside. If the sun comes out my lovely wife and I will do some front porch sitting, soaking up some of the Vitamin D3. Which we all need right now. Other than that not much happening in our area, everyone is staying put which is a good thing. Hardly a car moving up and down the highway this morning. Yesterday and the day before though, I did see an increase in traffic, not sure where they all came from. With that you all take care of yourselves, things will work out. In saying that though, I am thinking we all should start to think a bit on changing our lifestyle from what we were used to. Food for thought. Hang in there. GW

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