Morning Report April 6/2020

So … how you all doing this morning? Good I hope. On the good side of things the sun is shinning, the not so good side of things it is cool with temperatures sitting at -2.2C/28.04F. The reason for this is, that the world is settling down and no pollution to hold the heat in as it was before. We could see some cooler weather off and on for a week or so especially at night. But, once the sun gets to working things will warm up and it should be a really nice day. Ruth and I might even get some front porch sittin’ I sure enjoy sitting in the sunshine. Looking outside this morning the grass is solid white. Not from snow but frost. It will dissipate shortly. Traffic so far this morning is light, just a few cars moving up and down the highway. Will be interesting to see how many folks are staying home. Staying home doesn’t mean though, that you should do without groceries, or washing your car, or walking around your property, or working in your gardens. Just means staying away from people. For my wife and I, we aren’t going anywhere these days, other than to pick up some food once every two weeks or so. The drive is nice, as there are a lot more animals and things to see. They are out more now with less traffic. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around me. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the day such as it is. My old Dad used to say: “George … Don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. GW

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