Morning Report April 22/2020

Good Morning. Well … to start things off it is very cold outside this morning. Waking up temperatures were sitting at -7.9 C | 17.78 F. It will warm up as the day progresses with sunshine for most the day. Tomorrow will even be warmer and hopefully we will be able to sit outside in the sun. The weather is all over the place this spring as with no one moving around things are as they should be. It’s just that most of us humans haven’t seen it like this before. Air is fresher, seasons are coming back to normal, birds and animals are out and about not afraid. If asked I would say it is nice to see. I think it’s going to be a great year climate wise other than a few storms. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning which will make travelling good for those that need some groceries and things. But as we all know, its best to stay home if at all possible. Never ceases to amaze me how may folks aren’t taking this what is taking place serious. Not much we can do about it, other than protect ourselves from those that think like they do. On another note, I am going to work away here at home on a new Podcast. Which should keep my busy for most the day. It does look nice outside with the sunshine, but it is very cold. With that I am off to put some more wood in the furnace, and then have a coffee with my lovely wife. Take care of yourselves.

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