Morning Report May 8/2020

Good Morning. Well waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada it is looking more like the start of winter instead of spring. Looking out I would say we had close to 6 – 8 inches of snow overnight. And it is still snowing quite hard as I am writing this post. Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections throughout. I took some pictures of the event and will add them to the end of this post. Just to show you what Mother Nature can do coming up to the 24 of May. You just never know. I have to admit it does look really nice. But I would sooner see some nice green grass truth be told Ha Ha. Will I clean out my driveway? Nope … not at this time of year. I believe Nature put it there she can take it away too. And we aren’t going anywhere anyways as we did go to North Bay yesterday to pick up our groceries. Kind of glad we did go when we did with what is going on this morning weather wise. Yesterday though was a perfect day for a drive. Sun was shinning, not to warm, just a perfect day all way round. The stores were quite busy too, but we did notice most folks were lined up keeping their distance at some grocery stores. I also noticed a lot more were wearing masks which I believe is a great thing and I also believe everyone should be wearing one when out and about. Then there were those that don’t give a dam about anything. Standing close together, yacking away and no mask. Amazes me that so many doesn’t believe that this is a serious situation we are in right now. This opening up of some stores right now, I am not sure is a great idea. At least not so soon. I kind of think we are going to pay for it in a few weeks with more folks dying and getting sick. The reason the curve is slowing down somewhat, is because of what we are doing. It might work if folks and business’s do what they are suppose to be doing. Time will tell. On another note I don’t believe we should keep on handing out money like we are doing now. If we keep on doing this we are going to be in some serious trouble down the road a ways, more so than we are having now. I even know some that are enjoying being off work and don’t want to go back saying … as long as the government keeps paying me I am happy to stay home an never go back to work ha ha. But then again it takes all kinds. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and …. well, just take things easy, not much else a person can do today on this snowy day. Take care and be safe. Oh and here is the link of where all my Podcasts are just in case your interested. Click on it it will make things a lot easier for you to find them. George Walters Podcasts GW Oh! Click on any picture to enlarge.

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