Morning Report May 27/2020

Good Morning! It’s another sunny day here for us in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. While the sun is nice it sure is hot. Yesterday was a scorcher and today will be much the same. After today though things will cool down some and it will become cloudy for a few days. With some showers around. Which will bring out them pesky black-flies in swarms. Yesterday I didn’t do much outside and today I will do the same. Staying in where it is cool. Crazy weather to say the least. But … we are living in the north so not much we can do about it. Highway 522 is slow this morning but I suspect it will pick up as the day moves forward and the closer we get to the weekend the busier it gets. The busiest store in town is the Liquor Store. Ha ha. Tells a lot. On another note my vegetable gardens are starting to perk up a wee bit. This hot sun played havoc on my tomato plants, but I am thinking they will recover in a week or so. My lettuce is starting to show themselves too along with my cucumbers. So won’t be long and we should be eating some fresh lettuce. I give it a couple more weeks. Potatoes too are showing their leaves and I hilled them a wee bit yesterday for the first time. I have to do that a few times when they are just starting. So if things goes to plan we should have a bushel or so of potatoes later on in the summer. That will be a nice treat. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a bite to eat with my lovely wife. Take care, stay safe and most of all do what is right…. distance yourself from others. GW

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