What’s happening with homes in the Big Cities

Well to start off, I have been saying for years that the time will come that those that live in the cities, in homes that are worth millions, will soon be looking for places like ours here in Port Loring,. Our homes here compared to the cities like Toronto … are nothing, when it comes to price. But lately, there has been a spike in those wanting to leave the big cities moving to places like ours. Here is one article on the subject.

That allure, along with the high cost of city living, and the new knowledge that many Canadians can work from home, has more people shopping for homes outside the city.

So … in terms of money, those of us that have lived for so many years in the greatest part of Ontario … will soon see a new influx of people moving into the area. Homes that were worth only, say $60,000.00 will soon be worth in the millions. Reason being that this Virus has opened the eyes of many, finding out that close encounters isn’t a good thing. Kind of interesting. Take care and stay safe. GW

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Morning Report June 14/2020

Good Morning! It’s another great looking day for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning, not to hot and the black-flies and mosquitoes aren’t all that bad either. The winds are coming in from the North East which will keep it on the cool side of things for today, but still very nice. Tomorrow things start to warm up once again. We did have a touch of frost last night in certain parts of our property, but nothing that would cause any damage. I did however cover things up before retiring for the evening as a precaution. I could have probably did without it but better be safe than sorry. Highway 522 is quiet but it is Sunday. The Churches will be back in business soon, but I am hoping folks will still stay at home. Will they? Not likely. This social bubble they are talking about, to me is crazy thinking right now. I feel it will just make things that much worse. They say a limited amount of people will be allowed in your circle LOL Now you have more people that are going, where ever visiting you. Yep that makes sense. Oh well … we will see how it goes. For my wife and I we will continue to stay away from out sons, protecting them and us as parents should be doing, talking on the phone, and from a distance while chatting. At any rate … the powers that be will do what they want’ as always, and people will do what they want too. Be it right or wrong. It’s just human nature. But remember this … the Virus is still there, and if you keep on taking chances … it will find you. Good Luck With That! Take care, stay safe and do what you feel is right … not what others are telling you. Have a great day. GW

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