Not Doing What is Right

So taking a look at things, with all these protests and people that aren’t social distancing, or wearing a mask, or taking precautions, it goes to show you what will happen here in Canada, if we don’t start taking things serious. Take a look at what is taking place in the USA this morning.

The number of new Covid-19 infections reported in a single day hit 30,000 Friday for the first time in nearly two months according to a Johns Hopkins University tracker, as states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida continue to set new records for the most daily new cases.
Florida reported 4,049 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday.
Arizona tallied 3,246 new confirmed cases Friday morning.
Texas also broke a record it previously set the same week, with 3,516 new confirmed cases Thursday.
The Covid-19 virus is believed to have an average incubation period between 5 and 6 days but can be up to roughly two weeks … so it is spreading right now without us even noticing.
Some say … that is in the USA. Yep that is right it is, but it can and will happen here in Canada too if we don’t do what is right. Hate to be a bearer of bad news. But in saying that, we do still have a chance here in Canada to keep things down somewhat. Then there are some that says what’s the use? Well … simply put, the longer we can hold this off the more chance we have of getting a vaccine. In doing so … a lot of lives will be spared. Food for thought you might say. Have a great day and stay safe. GW

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