Morning Report June 25/2020

So how you all doing this morning? Good I hope. Here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada we all woke up to some clouds with the sun trying to make an appearance. It will show itself in awhile and temperatures should get warmer. Which in turn should make it a really nice day. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 13.9 C | 57.02 F. Highway 522 is a touch busy this morning and will get even more so as the day progresses … as it is nearing the weekend. On another note my vegetable garden sure perked up with this rain, and the lettuce is amazing. I should mention that if anyone would like some, let me know as I have lots and it’s a shame for it to go to waste. There is no way my lovely wife and I can eat it all. It’s all organic, various kinds and virus free LOL No charge. With that I am off to have a coffee with my lovely wife and will then see what the day has in store for us. Take care, stay safe and do what is right. GW

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