Morning Report July 4/2020

Good Morning! We are having … a lot of sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario, these days. Waking up temperatures were sitting at 16.3 C | 61.34 F. It’s nice at the moment but it will warm up and get hot shortly. By the looks of things this hot weather will be with us for another two weeks. So care is going to be needed if out and about. Highway 522 is really busy with a lot of people coming into our area. As I say it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they did what they are suppose to do like distancing themselves and wearing a mask. The trouble is most aren’t. The only thing I can say is, that the time will come they will be wishing they took more precautions. Opening things back up to where it was slowly is okay in certain areas, but I am thinking until a vaccine is available, things will slowly get worse, especially with what people are doing now. Some people doesn’t care, just look at what took place at Wasaga Beach, heck of a mess. All you have to do is look at Florida and how they are right now after they opened up the beaches. It’s like looking at a huge blank wall, all can see it, but a lot cares not to. Crazy thinking. Well enough of my rant here this morning LOL LOL I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and will let the day unfold around us, maybe some front porch sitting before it gets to hot. Take care and stay safe, for those of you that care. GW

“Stay home and get tested when you feel sick, maintain physical distance when you go out, wear a mask in crowded spaces and frequently wash your hands.”

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