Morning Slice of life Sep 19/2020

Good Morning! Well … we had our first frost here in Port Loring Ontario, Canada. And it was pretty heavy too with it covering almost everything in our gardens. It will be interesting to see if it hurt some of my plants. My tomatoes should make out okay, and along with that it will give them a nice flavour. My wife is going to be making some tomato relish this morning with what we have left. So she will be busy. Myself I will be working inside the new cottage to-be, installing the bar and cabinets I made. I turned on our new heater I bought for it when I got up this morning. So we will see how that makes out. It should work great, but time will tell. Highway 522 was a bit busy yesterday with folks stocking up for the week ahead. We did manage to get the grass all cut around the house here yesterday, which took most the morning. Looks nice for sure. Our Sedum Plants are really turning pink and red now and will continue on for the next couple of weeks, giving us something new to look at. One thing about my wife’s gardens is that there is always something new showing off. Makes it nice for sure. With that I am off for some bacon and eggs this morning. We don’t have it often, but every once in a while I get the urge. LOL Take care and stay safe. Keep your distance and wear a mask, along with washing things down when out and about, including your hands and face. And don’t let anyone into your home. I see so much of that happening these days. It’s taking a chance that isn’t necessary. I keep on saying that this virus is going to spread fast once again once it gets a foot hold. It was just a few weeks ago that they were telling folks don’t worry we have it under control, we are below a 100 cases a day and started opening back up. It was the worst mistake they could have made. Yesterday we jumped from 300 a day to over 400 a day. That’s 12000 a month. And then we have some idiots out there questioning why this is happening. Well … all I can say is hang in their folks, and take extra precautions, especially when around those that don’t give a dam.

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