Morning Slice of life Sep 22/2020

Good Morning! Once again we are in the midst of sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It should stay with us for most the day. And along with that, temperatures will rise up to near 70F/22C. And continue on through most the week. Great weather for finishing up some things I have to do around the house here. Truth be told Mother Nature is working with me this year. Well … actually she has worked with me for over 70 some years now. All I do is mention I have to get certain things done, and she always has given me time. Now and then she cuts it close, but for most days it all worked out. Yesterday I worked putting together a new bed in the cottage, it’s a full over a single bunk. Looks great and should be nice and comfy with the new mattresses we bought. Today I will bring in the new sofa bed we bought along with the kitchen table I made. Add a few other things, like curtains, new fridge and utensils along with some shelves, pictures and things … I am thinking it will close to being finished. At least for this year. Once finished I will post a picture or two to show you what we been up too LOL. Highway 522 is pretty busy once again with locals and a few tourists moving around. With that bit of information under your hat … I am off for my morning cup of coffee. No breakfast this morning. Take care and stay safe. GW

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