Morning Slice of Life Sep 26/2020

Good morning!. It’s another really nice sunny day for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Yesterday I got tied up with other things first thing, so as you can see I didn’t get to doing my morning post. Yesterday though was a beauty of a day with temperatures like summer. Today will be much the same. We could see a passing shower later on in the day. These nice temperatures will remain with us until Tuesday or Wednesday. After that they will drop a lot. So if you have some outside work that needs doing, this is the time to get at it. For my wife and I, we are pretty well all set for winter, other than I still have to till up my veggie garden. I like to do it every Fall. I might do that today and get it out of the way. I do still have a few plants on the one end still producing some fresh veggies, but I am thinking I can work around them. I kind of got the feeling that I had better get it worked up. We will see. LOL After that I will help the wife put up some curtain rods and new curtains she bought awhile back. They will pretty well finish up the inside of the cottage. So happy about that. It took my lovely wife and I all summer to complete. I still have to hook it up to the septic system, but that will have to wait till next year … as I haven’t the time ... or energy to do it this year LOL. Highway 522 is or was really busy yesterday with campers and trucks moving from East to West. But it was Friday, and Friday’s mean the weekend, and the weekend folks like tend to celebrate a bit. LOL. So with that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and a bowl of oatmeal LOL. I enjoy the oatmeal a lot, or as we used to call it Porridge. I should mention that there is nothing better for keeping a person’s blood pressure on track … than oatmeal. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right. Which I know you will. GW

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