Hmm, they say that there is an image on Facebook, an image of a handful of onions in a wicker basket. According to Facebook, the onions were positioned in a “sexually suggestive manner.” I would have to say that who ever sees this as something sexual, has a problem themselves LOL There are a lot of things on Facebook worse than that LOL The onions are on the news if you want to take a look. Sheesh, And hey for those that think there isn’t anything entertaining these days. I say just read the news or go on Facebook. LOL But hey! Who am I to judge.

Food For Thought or something like that

A few things have come up that we now know for certain about this virus, which I am thinking will help a lot…..

People who notice a loss in their ability to smell every day household odours such as garlic, coffee, and perfumes should self-isolate and seek out a place to be tested.
Mounting evidence has pointed to the loss of smell as one of the most reliable symptoms of COVID-19, providing health care workers with at least one stable bit of help.—especially as flu season arrives. Along with that it should also be noted that while the focus of preventing infection shifted from hand-washing to wearing a mask and social distancing, medical experts have never stopped reminding the public to wash their hands as often as possible to keep themselves safe and healthy. And according to new research, that’s definitely a good thing, since the evidence shows that the coronavirus can live on human skin for over nine hours, up to four and a half times longer than the flu. Also, it is now known that this virus can be spread further than six feet away. So …. as I keep on saying my friends. Be more vigilant than ever. In doing so you have a pretty good chance of getting through this. And one other thing I would suggest is not getting together with friends and family members outside your home this Thanksgiving. I would say if you do, that is an open invitation for this virus to spread even more. You know, with all the modern technology we have today there are many other ways of getting together from a distance. Truth be told since this virus has started … my wife and I have talked more to our boys, some family members and friends than ever before. From a distance of course. I would have to say it has brought us even closer together. It’s the same as going to church, to me it is unnecessary … what you can do there, you can do at home, by yourself. Take care and remember my words are my opinion only. LOL You are entitled to yours.

Morning Slice of life Oct 6/2020

Good Morning! I hope you all are well. Ruth and I are doing okay so far. This morning we are in the midst of some clouds here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada, but it isn’t as cold. We could see some light rain off and on throughout the day. If lucky we might see a touch of sunshine off and on too. But for most parts it is looking like rain for today and tomorrow. Highway 522 is quiet this morning with just locals moving around. Yesterday we went to town to pick up a new pair of boots for my wife, as hers I don’t think would make it through another winter. LOL Man are things expensive these days. Seems it takes no effort at all to spend a $100.00 or more these days. So did that and picked up our grocery order that they brought to our car. Makes it nice, as that way we don’t have to go inside the store and take a chance on catching that virus. Every bit of precaution is a help. After picking up our groceries we had our lunch in the car, along with a coffee my wife brought with us, and then headed on home. We did see our son and talked to him outside for a few minutes. He was picking up his groceries at the same time we were. Couldn’t have planned it any better. LOL On another note the trip to town was nice seeing all the leaves in full colour. A lot have dropped though, and I suspect they will be all gone in another week Today I will get back to doing some work in my old woodworking shop. My wife is going to make a pumpkin pie with our pumpkins we grew this summer and if she has enough time she said she is going to make an apple pie with some fresh Cortland Apples we bought while in town yesterday. So that should be a nice treat for tonight. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a piece of toast with that fresh honey we bought the other day. With my lovely wife. It seems that honey is addicting as coffee is these days LOL. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right. GW