Morning Chat Nov 3/2020

Good Morning! So how you all doing this morning? Fine I hope. Ruth and I are making out good so fare these days. We have been very busy with a lot of things on our plate going on. All good things though. I didn’t get on here yesterday as our power was out for almost 20 hours. We had to get up at 2:00 AM and drag out our generator and hook it up. I have it set up, so I just flip a switch in the panel box, start the generator, and we are up and running. I don’t have it hooked up to the whole house, just a few things like fridges, freezers, well pump, some lights and things. So we have heat and can cook and things don’t spoil in the freezers and fridge. Works slick. The generator earned its keep yesterday. Seems we have had a lot of outages lately since Hydro One was sold. Strange…. Highway 522 is still busy these days with folks coming in for the hunt. Is it a good thing? Well … all I can say is they are all out in the bush, so they shouldn’t spread the virus around too much. At least you wouldn’t think they would. A lot of my hunter friends are staying home this year not wanting to chance it. I can’t say I blame them. It has been cold here in Port Loring, Canada the past few days. We did have a wee bit of snow. Nothing to write home about. It is supposed to warm up to almost summer weather later on this week and remain with us for a couple of weeks. That will be nice. It could stay that way all winter if I had any say in the matter. LOL On another note I have been quite busy these days getting set up for doing some more podcasts. Just have to bring things together as over summer I forget a lot of things. LOL But it’s coming along. I also have been updating the Blog (Website> Here) I am adding Ruth my lovely wife to it, so she can show off her paintings and some work she has done over the years and what she is doing in the present. Once she gets some time I will start adding things. You will have to take a look see, as she is one fantastic paintings with them over the years being sold all over the world. So … with that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a poached egg with my lovely wife. After that we will see what develops. You just never know. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right when it comes to this virus going around. It is getting worse every day. Not so bad here yet though, which is a good thing. I hope it stays that way. GW

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