Good Morning Nov 5/2020

It’s a really nice morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning, and the temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 10.5 C | 50.9 F. The warm temperatures should stay with us until next Tuesday. Which will make things pretty nice for our area. Especially if you want to do some outside work. I have a few things to do, but for most parts we are set for winter. Highway 522 is bare and dry with a few cars moving around. At this time of year it is mostly locals going here and there. For my wife and I we don’t go very far these days. Maybe every two weeks or so, we head off to North Bay for some groceries, but that’s about it. If we don’t need to go into stores we don’t. Looking outside things are really nice and green. The grass is as green if not greener than it has been all summer. I also notice a few Robbins chowing down on some worms on our lawn for the past few days. Nice to see, but I am thinking they will be heading south where it is warmer shortly. On another note I have been busy working on some things in the basement along with some work on my podcasts and things. Seems there is a never ending of things to do. The good thing is, they are all things I enjoy doing. Today I will take it a bit easy, as my old back, along with my wife’s back isn’t the greatest these days. So I am thinking we both need some downtime. All work and no play, isn’t always the best, especially when you are getting up there in years. So with that, I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife, and will then let the day do as it wants. Best not to make too many plans. LOL Take care, stay safe and do what’s right when it comes to this virus. It’s the only defence we have at the moment. GW

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