Good Morning Nov 8/2020

So how you all doing on this fine morning? I say fine because it is a really nice day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning and the temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 8 C | 46.4 F. It will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. The nice thing is the warm sunny days will remain with us for the next three days. I put my lawn chairs away for the winter, but the day before last I took them back out and set them on the front porch for my wife and I to do some front porch sittin’, which we have been doing. It’s just perfect out there, no bugs, not to hot and lots of sunshine. I am thinking everyone should be outside soaking up some of that much-needed Vitamin D3. Especially with this virus among us. Yesterday my wife and I took it a bit easy as both of us are hurting a bit. So the only answer to that is rest for a spell. Seems every year we over do things a bit. Our minds say go ahead and do it but our bodies say …. whole up there a minute. LOL Oh well … such is that. On another note I see the Robbins are still with us. They have been chowing down on some small apples that is left on our tree beside the cottage. They are nice to watch. The bird feeder is also having its share of visitors but not so much since it got warm. I suppose they found natural food in the bush. But I know they will be back once the snow and cold weather is upon us. We sure enjoy watching them throughout the winter months and summer too for that matter. So with that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and will then see what the day has in store for us. Take care and stay safe. This virus is getting much worse. GW

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