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Episode 51: Girls

Episode 51: Good morning folks. Today I have a story lined up for you … that I am hoping, won’t upset some female species. I suppose the only way to find out, is for you to give it a listen. If I might suggest … it would be in your best interest to listen right to the end. Have a great day, and stay safe.

Morning Chat Nov 30/2020

Good Morning! It’s another cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario Canada, Along with that we are also getting some rain. It’s not that cold yet with the temperature sitting at 3.6 C | 38.48 F. It won’t warm up much more today. Things are about to change though, as we will be getting some snow, which will be heavy at times, and then blowing snow will begin tonight or Tuesday morning and continue into Wednesday. We could see about 15 to 30 cm or around 11 inches or so before things ease off Wednesday afternoon or evening.
On top of all the snow we could see some wind gusts up to 70 km/h – 80 KM/h which will cause some blowing snow to occur Tuesday and Tuesday night. So I am thinking travelling won’t be too good for the next few days. As of now Highway 522 is bare and wet. On another note I did get my snowblower out this morning and working along with bringing in some firewood for the shop and lit it. So it will be nice and toasty in there, keeping things warm in case they are needed. Like the Generator, chain saw, things like that, and … my snowblower starts easier when warm. Today I will clean up my shop some since it is nice and warm out there and then will work on another podcast. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife, and will then see what the day has in store. You never know. Take care, and stay safe.

Episode 49: Cider

Episode 49: Hi folks. Today I have another Podcast Lined up for you. It’s a story that I hope you enjoy. Have a great day and stay safe.

Morning Chat Nov 26/2020

Good morning! It’s a cloudy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. A real gloomy day actually, looking outside. The temperature isn’t all that bad though sitting at 3.6 C | 38.48 F. And it will warm up even more, as the day moves forward. Not to shabby nearing the end of November. We will also see some rain in the morning hours. Tomorrow however we should see some sunshine for a change. Which will be nice. Highway 522 is bare and dry so far this morning so travelling will be good throughout. There isn’t much traffic these days with a lot of folks staying home. Which is a good thing I am thinking. On another note I finished up another Podcast yesterday and will continue on with another today. So with that I am off for a cup of tea with my lovely wife and will then see what the day has to offer. Take care and stay safe.

Things you should know but most don’t

A great video that everyone should watch.

As my Son says, who is a Technologist: It’s all true, always be careful clicking links in emails, and only put your usernames/passwords into sites you went to … manually. Thanks Karl! Great advice!

Morning Chat Nov 24/2020

Good Morning. It is a cloudy cold day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The temperature was sitting at -8.4 C | 16.88 F. It won’t warm up much more than it is right now. Tomorrow however temperatures will start to rise. We are also having some light snow. Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout. Here in the north you just never know what might develop in the winter time. Being so cold outside I kind of figure it is a good day to stay inside. Not much happening around town these days. Most all the hunters have left our area, as well as the city folks that were here in the summer. A lot of cottages weren’t opened this year with the virus. Let’s hope this vaccine does its job which I hope will take the edge of things. I am thinking though it will be a long time if we ever get back to where we used to be. But there isn’t much we can do about it, other than take precautions. Along with that, some businesses will have to close, and those will have to come up with different ways of making ends meat. If it isn’t working out, there isn’t much a person can do but move on. Hanging around hoping for things to get better … isn’t the answer. For most of my life I have been self-employed. Some adventures worked out well, some not so good and that is when I made the decision to move on to other things. One door closes a couple more opens they say. And I believe that to be true. That is if you’re a go getter. My opinion only. Take it for what it’s worth. With that, I am off for a cup of tea with my lovely wife and will then get to work on another Podcast. Take care, stay safe.