Morning Chat Dec 6/2020

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The temperature was sitting at -7.9 C | 17.78 F. It will warm up but not much as the day moves forward. The good part is we should see some sunshine later on today, tomorrow and the next day. That will be a welcome change. It seems no matter how cold it is, if the sun is shinning everything is better. Highway 522 is bare and dry for most parts. There are some icy sections here and there, so care should be taken on the curves. On another note my wife and I went to North Bay yesterday to pick up some groceries we order online. That way we don’t have to go into the stores. It was a nice trip in and back home. It’s good to get out once in a while and breathe some new air. While there we visited our son from the parking lot at his apartment, dropped him off a few homemade dinners his Mother made for him, and then drove around a bit, just to take in what others are doing, virus wise. And from what I see it’s not good, as the parking lots around the stores were full, along with the stores. It was actually hard to find a parking spot to eat our lunch that my wife made for us before we left. I am not sure where folks minds are these days, as with shopping online and curb side pick- up what more could you ask for? Bars and restaurants that are allowing folks inside in my mind is a bad thing. I say if you have to eat, get take out. If you want a damn beer, pick up a case and go home and enjoy it. Heck!! You can buy a case of six for the price you pay for one or two, at a bar or restaurant. And the thing is we are so close to having a vaccine. Just one more month. If it was up to me, I would close everything down completely for two months. Airports, churches, you name it. Leaving only the stores open we need to survive. To me the help we need right now, is right in front of us, but a lot of people just don’t give a damn, and they will keep on thinking that way, until they are made to do what’s right. The powers that be, should have nipped in the butt in the very beginning and stuck to their guns. If they had done that, it would have become a part of our life like some other countries. It wouldn’t have been nice, but we would have gotten by saving a lot of people from dying. Anyways, that is my rant for this morning. LOL With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife, and will then get to doing some woodworking, in my shop today. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right, to ease this virus from spreading.

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