Morning Chat Dec 27/2020

Good Morning! With Christmas behind us, we are now all starting to look at what 2021 will be. I am inclined to think that things will get a bit worse before it gets better. I know for a fact things will never be as it once was. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that, even with these new vaccines in the works. Problems arise with getting everyone to have their two shots. Heck we can’t convince a lot of folks to even wear a mask, without getting them in for the vaccine. I have finally come to the conclusion, it isn’t about governments or any other institution for the mess we are in. The ones to blame, and I will say that again, the ones to blame … are the people themselves. Just because the stores, bars, churches and places like that were open, it didn’t mean it was okay that humans should go into them. We should have had enough sense to stay out of them places. No one, I will say it one more time is to blame but the people themselves. Actually most things I found that people are buying, they could do without. A lot of people today are spoiled rotten. It’s the same as a few doctors saying some surgeries can’t be done, and making a big deal out of it. I say probably half of the surgeries could be fixed by the people themselves. But hey who am I! People will be people, and I am afraid … given time, people will destroy themselves. Unless … they smarten up, but it sure doesn’t look like we are heading in that direction right now. Anyways … that is my rant for this morning. On another note Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning. The temperature isn’t all that bad neither sitting at -10.1 C | 13.82 F. Quite balmy out there. LOL Yesterday it took most of the day for my wife and I to clean up the snow we had. I would say we had around 8 to 10 inches of snow. More in some areas. Today I will take it a bit easy, maybe do a podcast that I have in mind. With that I am off for a bite to eat with my lovely wife and then will let the day do as it so chooses. You all take care, stay safe and do what is right.

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