Good Morning Jan 1/2021

Happy New Year! So here we go starting off another year. I sure hope it is a better year than last. But starting things off things are looking pretty grim to say the least. Yesterday here in Ontario we almost hit the 3000 mark in infections and I suspect we will see a lot more in the coming days. If we stay locked down and people do what they should be doing the numbers should drop some. I hope the powers that be has enough sense to do what’s necessary. So far as I see it, none of them have done the right thing. On another note Highway 522 is mostly bare this morning, but there are some icy sections here and there from Highway 69 across to Highway 11. Care should be taken if out and about. The temperatures are staying quite mild this year sitting at -3.6 C | 25.52 F this morning. A touch cooler than yesterday. Taking everything into account I think it will remain warmer than normal here in Port Loring, Ontario for the remainder of the winter. But with that comes more snow than normal. Today we should see a wee bit of sunshine later on and into tomorrow. Great couple days to get outside and breath in some of that fresh air that is all around us up here in the North. Yesterday my wife and worked cleaning up the snow around our place which took most of the day. Today I will do some work in my woodworking shop as I have a few things on the go for spring. With that, you all take care, stay safe and stay home unless it absolutely necessary. The only way this virus can spread is if we humans spread it. It’s a no-brainer on what needs to be done. But then again, it seems that there are a lot of people out there that have no ….. well, I won’t get into that.

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