Morning Chat Jan 26/2021

Good Morning from Port Loring. Ontario Canada that is. It’s another cloudy morning here in our small community. We could see some sunshine off and on throughout the day. If we are lucky! LOL. Yesterday though was nice, and the temperature even got up above freezing. I actually went out to our bush where we have a bench, and sat there taking in the sunshine for a while. Which was nice. Temperature this morning was sitting at -9.2 C | 15.44 F. Not too shabby. It will warm up a wee bit as the day progresses, but not too much. However, there is more very cold weather in the forecast within the next few days. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, which will make travelling fair. But as I have been saying … if you don’t have to go anywhere. Don’t go. Home is the safest place you can be. Unless … you are like some that are allowing anyone and everyone into it. These are the ones that are causing the problems, or I should say a lot of the problems. And now that this new strain of the virus is among us, we could be in for some even more serious trouble. And they now are thinking it is more deadly than the one we have at the moment. Talking about that, I suspect it will mutate again, especially if we humans keep spreading it around. On another note, yesterday I worked in the woodworking shop for most of the day, and will do the same today. I am starting to cut out our two new coat trees, racks or whatever one calls them LOL. I will take a picture once I have them made. I have to admit, I am enjoying it out in the shop these days. Keeps me busy and my mind on good thing, other than the news. LOL So with that bit of info under your hat, I am off for my morning bowl of cereal and will then get to work. Doing what I enjoy.

Update: And if that is not enough for businesses to stay closed and people staying at home, How about this. As of today scientists have said the U.K. variant of the coronavirus, that is behind a surge in COVID-19 infections, it may be not only more transmissible, but also more lethal – with a mortality risk of around 30 per cent higher than other variants. And it is here in Ontario Canada now. Take care and stay safe.

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