Morning Chat Feb 14/2021

Good Morning! It’s another cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. However, the sun is shinning which makes it seem a lot nicer. But in saying that, it isn’t as cold as it was yesterday morning with the temperature sitting at -29.6 C | -21.28 F. This morning’s temperature getting out of bed was -21.6 C | -6.88 F. Highway 522 is snow covered this morning for most parts, caused by about an inch of snow we had through the night. On another note, my wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up our groceries, that we ordered online, dropped a few things off to our son at his door and then thinking since it was Valentine’s Day, I would get take-out for my lovely wife at Swiss Chalet. Which we did. There again we ordered it before we left for 12:00 PM, and they brought it to our car. So there was no need to go inside. Even still, we brought it home and my little woman wiped everything down, just to make sure things would be safe. She does that with everything these days. And with this new strain of virus among the people in North Bay, more caution now has to be taken. Crazy world we live in these days. After that we headed on home enjoying a coffee that my wife made before we left … and took in what nature had to offer along the way. Pretty good day other than being a touch cool. Today we both will take things easy. My wife is doing a painting on the new cabinet door that I made for our cottage to be. I will take a picture when all said and done and share it with you. For myself, I will get another Podcast going as I have another in mind which will keep me busy for a couple of days. I decided to let the stove in the woodworking shop go out for now, being so cold and will take a break in that department for a few days. With that I am off for a bowl of cereal with my lovely wife, and a game of crib, and will let the day unfold around me. Life is like a mystery novel. You just never know what might take place.

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