Morning Chat Feb. 16/2021

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy snowy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -16.3 C | 2.66 F. Still cold but not as cold it has been, that’s for sure. Highway 522 is snow covered this morning which is understandable, with the snow we had overnight. I suspect the highway will be that way for most of the day. On another note my wife and I got up yesterday, turned on my computer and nothing came up. LOL So after working with my son over the phone and not being able to fix it, we loaded it into the car and took it to his place. We dropped it off at his place, giving it to him in his parking lot. We then drove around a bit picked up some take out, and went back to his parking lot to eat and chat on the phone, while waiting to hear the results about my computer LOL. He found that one of the hard- drives that was in it messed up, so he replaced that, set things back up, and we were on our way back home. I told him that … it was Family day, and he did his part helping family LOL. We did buy him lunch though and dropped that off to him too. It is nice having a fellow that can fix or find any computer problem that arises. And I mean any problem. Actually it was a really nice day for a trip to town. Other than having the computer problem. Today I will work away here on my computer writing up a couple more stories, being it’s so nasty outside. We did have around six inches or so of new snow overnight, and it is still coming down. I suspect it will stop around noon. Tomorrow we will clean things up. That will be a full day. With that I am off for my morning bowl of cereal with my lovely wife, and will then get to work. Work that I enjoy that is. Take care and stay safe.

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