Morning Post for March 22/2021

Good Morning! It is another sunny day here in Port Loring, Ontario. There are a few clouds floating around, but for most parts the sky is clear. Highway 522 is bare and dry, There was no snow overnight or frost. The snow we have is about 3/4 gone and I suspect the remaining snow will be gone by the end of the week. These warmer temperatures should stay with us till Thursday, when things cool back down, and I hate to say this, but we could see some snow, or … an icy mix on Friday. Let’s hope it by passes us. That’s the thing about weather … what will be, will be. On another note … my wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up our order of groceries, that we order online. Doing it that way we don’t have to go into any stores, which keeps us safe. We did drop by our son’s place, and gave him some meals that mom made for him. A kind of treat. We chatted in his apartment parking lot for a bit, wearing a mask, along with keeping our distance, and then found a nice spot along the way home to eat our lunch in the car. We did notice though that hundreds of folks were going in and out of stores. In my mind they are asking for trouble, and truth be told there is no reason to do this. As they can order online, and they will bring it right to your car. People have some strange way of doing things. I guess the only thing, that will make them realize what this virus can do … is if the get it. Or a family member catches it caused by them. After we ate our lunch we headed on home enjoying the beautiful day. Can’t beat that. An outing out and kept safe, along with enjoying Mother Nature. With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal that my lovely wife has made for me and will then get to doing some work in the woodworking shop. Stay safe. GW

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