Morning Chat May 12/2021

Good Morning! We are finally having some sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning. It is a touch cool with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 5.6 C | 42.08 F. It will warm up considerably as the day moves forward. And the good part is, that the rest of the week the sunshine will remain with us, along with some warm temperatures. We are heading into summer weather now. But in saying that them pesky blackflies are going to be with us for a few weeks too, along with them blood sucking parasites, the mosquito. Today I have some work to do in my woodworking shop, so after breakfast I will get at that. Man time is sure moving along these days. It won’t be long, and I will be planting my vegetable gardens. Actually, if the temperatures stay warm at night say around 50 F I might be planting within a week. I will be keeping an eye on things. Only one eye … as I need the other, to do other things. LOL On another note, I see that they stopped using the AstraZeneca Vaccine here in Ontario. I have been saying all along that I don’t think this is a safe vaccine to be taking. I do believe in places like India where they don’t have hardly any vaccines at all right now, it would be better than nothing. For my wife and I we couldn’t see taking it and then having to worry whether we would get a brain clot or?. The stress alone would be enough to put a feller out of commission. We have enough on our plate these days without that. Anyways … you all have a great day. Make it a good day and enjoy some of that sunshine. I am a firm believer that the vitamin D 3 we get from the sun can play a major role in helping us humans with this virus that is among us. Along with a lot of other diseases. If a test were taken yo u would find that almost everyone is major low, and I mean major low on vitamin D. Actually one of my sons was getting sick all the time, so I had him ask his doctor to check it out in his blood test. What they found was outstanding. Well below the 22% mark. He was so low that they immediately put him on 50,000 UI. once a week for a few weeks. The test costs $40.00 here in Ontario. But I think everyone should be having it done. Insist on it! In doing so a lot of sickness would be eliminated. But you do what you want to do. Stay safe. GW

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