Morning Chat June 6/2021

Good Morning! It’s a nice looking morning getting out of bed. The sun is shinning along with a light breeze. Which will make it nicer with this heat we are in for today, as temperatures are going to rise a lot. So if you have any outside work to be done, I would think the morning hours would be best. The temperature waking up was sitting at 20.9 C | 69.62 F. Yesterday we did have a wee bit of much-needed rain, but we could have used a lot more. My wife and I did finish planting our vegetable gardens yesterday, with some new plants, replacing the ones that got frozen. Today I will be running water lines to our new building out back which will probably take most of the day. Once that is done I can get to working on some of the inside items that need to be done. But we will see. If it gets too hot I won’t be doing much digging. Instead, I will enjoy a bowl of some sweet cherries we bought the other day. Speaking of cherries. Man have they risen in price. We paid more a pound, than I was selling a 6 Quart basket when we had our farms years ago. Actually, everything is up there in price with this virus among us. Some can be justified, other things can’t, with lots of folks using the virus as an excuse to raise the prices. Those are the ones I won’t be going back to do business with. At any rate such is life. There are a lot of humans without any compassion at all and this virus has brought them out in full force these days. But they will get their just rewards. With that I am off for my morning bowl of cereal and will then get to work. Take care and stays safe.

2 thoughts on “Morning Chat June 6/2021”

    1. Hi Bernice. Nice to hear from you. The blackflies are not so bad these days. At leas on my part. My wife though, she says they are eating her alive. LOL They seem to like to get behind her ears and around her neck. But all in all not so bad this year. The mosquitoes are starting to come on now sneaking into the house. LOL I think the cold snap we had done a lot of them in. On another note it is a hot one up here today. I worked outside this morning and a bit this afternoon but then said that’s enough. Tomorrow is another day LOL. Take care and stay safe. GW

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