Morning Chat July 27/2021

Good Morning. It’s a cloudy morning with some rain thrown in for good measure here in Port Loring, Ontario. The temperature has also cooled down some, which is quite nice. Highway 522 is still very busy these days with folks coming into our area from all over. So that tells me folks are enjoying the summer, which is understandable after all we humans have been through with this virus and things. Even Mother Nature is giving us some problems this year with all the forest fires and droughts. I feel sorry for the farmers out west, as they are sure are having it hard these days. I suspect if the weather doesn’t improve, the price of food will rise even higher than it is now. On another note, my lovely wife and I have been really busy working outside on our cottage, with the new deck. For the past few days, we have been landscaping it using plants that we already have. Some of them Hosta’s we have weight 100 pounds. I had to use a cart to move them, and even then it was a challenge. I did break a few apart where we didn’t need a large one. After we had them all planted around the cottage, we then decided to thin out the large gardens in front of our home. We are about half done at the moment, as we have tons of plants to move into other areas around our property. The problem was that everything was so overgrown, along with the gardens being so large. Knowing that, we decided to cut them down in size, which will make them easier to look after. We aren’t getting any younger. Although, my wife says she can’t believe all the work we have been doing these days. Today, with the rain, we will take it a bit easy. I might go out and clean up my woodworking shop, as it once again is a mess with all we have been doing. Doesn’t’t look like a woodworking shop at the moment. LOL, More like a garden centre. LOL Anyway, what can you do? With that I am off for a couple poached eggs on toast and will then see what the day has in store. You never know. Take care and stay safe.

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