What’s up? Oct. 20/21

Good Morning. We are seeing some sunshine this morning, with a few clouds. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at 9.2 C | 48.56 F. It will rise as the day progresses. Later on in the day it is possible for some rain, but I think it will hold off till this evening and into tomorrow. But starting tomorrow the temperatures start to take a downward trend, but not much. For our area, things are looking pretty good for this time of year. Highway 522 is still busy these days with the hunters moving into our area. I have never seen so many old campers and trailers. But it seems that is all that matters when it comes to hunting. Any kind of roof over your head is just fine, LOL. Myself, I don’t hunt anymore. Reason being I don’t enjoy the cold. It seems the old body enjoys the indoors more every year. At least in the winter time. Yesterday I worked all day in my woodworking shop on a few projects, and today will do the same. Once that is finished and the grass dries out, I will mow it one last time, if for nothing else to gather the leaves and grass cuttings for my vegetable garden. I have to admit, I put a lot in it already this year. More than I ever did. So now that it is all tilled into the ground, it can rot all winter and come spring, we should have some fantastic soil for growing things. Easy fix for a garden that is in need of some nourishment. The only thing a person has to remember, is not to use walnut, or elm leaves and never put in pine needles. What they do is cause a blight that will take a toll on your tomatoes and things. With that I am off for my morning bowl of cereal and will then get to work. My lovely wife and I, might get in some front porch sittin’ too later on. Take care and stay safe. GW

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