What’s happening? Oct. 27/2021

Good Morning! Well … for a change here in Port Loring we are having some sunshine. There will be a few clouds mixed in with the sunshine, which truth be told makes it just that much nicer. It’s all in how you look at things. It’s like the shadows that are caused by the sunshine shinning through the trees. My lovely wife and I can’t get enough of it, as they sure look beautiful. You know, Mother Nature has more to offer us humans than anything else here on this earth. It’s just that most don’t take the time to appreciate what is right in front of them. The reason being, they are too wrapped up with things that in reality aren’t important at all. That old saying; “Take Time To Smell The Roses.” Is sure true. My wife and I sure do. Highway 522 is still very busy with lots of trucks moving around. Lots of construction going on in our area these days. Also, as I stated in other posts, it is Hunting Season in our area, and hunters are coming in from all over. It’s not a good time to be out in the bush. Kind of a shame in one way. But in another way it’s what we human’s do. I don’t begrudge anyone hunting for food. Yesterday I finished up a new podcast for this coming Friday. Today I will start on another. In closing, I would like to thank, all those that have shared a review on other sites relating to my Podcasts. It’s nice to hear that, so many are enjoying them. At first I didn’t know what to expect when I stated these podcasts, but not anymore. I am overwhelmed. I also would like to thank all those that have written, yes written and sent me their letters saying that they are enjoying them. It means a lot. Along with all the phone calls and emails too. I should also mention for those that might be having a problem connecting their Google Home to my Podcasts. I am not sure what happened, but by Saying Hey Google! Play Just One More Story by George Walters sometimes it doesn’t work, for some reason. I am looking into it. But if that doesn’t work, say. Hey Google! Play The Walters Post. That seems to work. When you say that on your Google Home Devise, it plays the last episode. Also, for anyone that doesn’t have a Google Home, if you just go online, and type in “George Walters Podcasts,” there will be numerous sites that will come up that you can listen to them, other than here in my Blog. With that, you all have a great day and stay safe. GW

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