What’s happening? November 22/2021

Good Morning! Hey! We are having some sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario, this morning. That’s a nice change. But it has gotten colder, with the temperature sitting at -3.9 C | 24.98 F. It will warm up a touch, but not much as the day progresses. I am thinking mid-week it will warm up above the freezing mark, but then it will get cold once again. So roller coaster weather for a few more days before winter gets settled in. Highway 522 is bare and dry, so travelling will be good today if you have to go anywhere. I don’t think we have anywhere to go for another week or so. Yesterday I worked away on a story or two and today will do the same. It’s kind of nice to sit back with our wood heat on these cold days and look out. We still feed our birds which comes to our feeder every morning, noon, and night. I have to say, we get a lot of enjoyment watching them. Right now the birds we see are Blue-Jays, Morning Doves, Chickadees and Nuthatches, and a few Black Birds. On another note, I see there are a lot of sales this year for Black Friday. We did take advantage of a few things, as right now we can buy what we are in need of, for half price. The trick is not to overspend, and what you do buy needs to be paid off immediately if you’re using a credit card. Which we do. Over the years, my lovely wife and I have used these Mastercard Companies, instead of them using us. I do know it’s not easy for some, as it doesn’t take much for a person to get hooked, and them interest rates they charge, are outrageous. So best to be careful. I have always said … “Fill your needs, not your wants.” With that bit of info under your hat, I am off for my morning bowl of oatmeal, and will then see what the day has in store. Life’s a mystery, that’s for certain. Take care and stay safe, the numbers are still rising with this virus here in Ontario. Wear your mask!

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