What’s Happening Dec 28/2021

Good Morning! So, how you all doing this morning? I hope you all had a great Christmas. I know my wife and I did. Our son Karl came for a visit, and we have enjoyed seeing him, as we haven’t been together for over two years because of this virus. There was just the three of us this year, as my other son flew out west to Alberta to visit with his fiancé’s brother and parents. We missed him. But we understood. I hear though they are having some very unusual cold weather out there with the temperatures hitting the minus -51 C. It can stay out there. Us here in Port Loring have been lucky weather wise, so far this winter, as the temperatures have been quite nice, and along with that so far we haven’t seen much snow to speak of. Will it last? I suspect not, as I think things will change in the coming weeks. But even if it does, we are coming up to January. Then February and back into March. It will make for a short winter, no matter what way you look at it. Which is okay with me, as I enjoy the warm weather over the cold weather. It isn’t good for the snowmobiles, though, as there hasn’t really been enough snow for them to get going. On the hunting this year, there wasn’t too many that got any. At least from what I hear. I chalk it up to being too warm. Heck, some days throughout hunting season we saw 60 F/16C. More like summer, LOL. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning. We did have a wee skiff of snow last night, hardly enough to cover the windshield on our sons SUV. Which is good, as I don’t have to clean the driveway. Today my wife, son and I will be taking it easy. Maybe watch some old movies that my wife and I took while in Florida in the 60s. With this virus, it will be about as close as we want to be to Florida at the moment. LOL. But I suspect things will change, as I believe … with this new variant Omicron, everyone will eventually get it, and if things goes to plan with it being a touch weaker in certain areas of the body, our bodies after it gets it, will become stronger and that will be the end of it. Especially for those that have had the vaccine. In other words, I think the virus outsmarted itself. At least for now. But we will see how my theory plays out in the coming days, weeks and months. I hope so. Our bodies are pretty amazing. But it is still no reason not to take the vaccine and get the booster shot. As it does need some help occasionally. With that, you all take care. GW

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