What’s Happening On February 5/2022

Good Morning! It’s a very cold Saturday morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The temperatures overnight and into this morning were as follows:

-22.3 C | -8.14 F 1:54 AM
-24.2 C | -11.56 F 3:09 AM
-30.7 C | -23.26 F 7:47 AM

Highway 522 is mostly bare, but there are some snow and ice covered areas here and there. But travelling should be good if you’re in need of going to town for some groceries and things. We could see a few flurries as the day progresses, but nothing to cause any problems.

On another note, we have had our wood furnace perkin’ away for the past two days. That wood heat sure feels nice. You know, with all our plants that we have and our wood heat, you could say our home is a touch like being in Florida. But at the moment we would sooner be here than down there.

But in saying that, I hope things get back to normal soon, so that in the future my lovely wife and I can do some travelling.

As I said many times, we are going to have to eventually come to grips with this virus and treat it much like the common cold, with precautions of course. As today, we have a lot more defences, being able to treat the virus with vaccines and other medicines, along with all the knowledge we have gained pertaining to how it spreads. I can see moving ahead and slowly opening things. Not so fast that our hospitals are overwhelmed, though.


That is the biggie for me.” I have always been against forcing people to do anything, as it’s not right. Forcing people to do things they don’t want to never works, never has … never will. The problem is our Powers That Be and a lot of people, have been trying and doing just that for years, which I believe is wrong. If we stopped doing that, it would save a lot of grief, that is being caused today.

Will it stop? Well … it will have too, as if we don’t, we all will end up killing ourselves. And what a shame that would be.

What we have to do, is let those unvaccinated or who ever, go their way and let the vaccinated and others go their way. Things will work out. I guarantee it. That’s not to say that we should stop wearing our masks, and keep up the social distancing, though.

As truth be told … If we all continued to wear our masks, it would cut down on most of all the colds and flu’s that we normally get. Which in turn would save Billions of dollars in flu shots, along with saving millions of people from getting sick.

With that, I am off to have a boiled egg this morning that my lovely wife is preparing for me, and will then get to work on a few podcasts I have in mind. Take care, stay safe and most of all …. have a great day. Make it a good day! You’re the only one that can do that. GW

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