What’s Happening On June 9/2022

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. The temperature has dropped through the night, which made it nice for sleeping. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at 11.6 C | 52.88 F. We could see a few showers off and on throughout the day. Tomorrow things will be a bit better sunshine wise. Which is what we enjoy.

On another note, we did manage to get my front deck finished up, which made me smile. It was a challenge with not feeling all that good. But I managed. So now we have our porch to do some front porch sittin’ on. It should last for another few years. Most is all brand new once again.

The mosquitoes weren’t all that bad while working out there, but them pesky horse and deer flies were a touch annoying. Once they find you, they don’t leave you alone. I think I wore my hat out, swatting them. Ha Ha.

Today we are planning on getting our grass mowing out of the way for another week, that is if the rain holds off for us. The grass is nice and dry so far this morning, which will make things easier. If not, it will have to wait till tomorrow. You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve these days. Usually she cooperates with me.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal and will then ease into doing some work. Take care and have a great day. GW

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