What’s Happening In Port Loring Ontario, Canada on Oct11/2022

It looks like a real nice day is shaping up for us here in Port Loring. It is cool with the temperature sitting at 0 C | 32 F getting out of bed. It will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. If you want to take in the colour of the leaves, today would be the day to do so. After today the weather is going to be rainy and cooler which will cause the leaves to drop. Highway 522 was busy yesterday with folks moving around trying to find things that were open. We had a few drops by our store. Today, my lovely wife and I will finish closing up our cottage, and might put in one more row of garlic. I did plant a few rows already, but I found some garlic I missed this summer, so I will plant it, better than just letting it go to waste. We did have a great crop this summer. Actually, everything grew well this year.

With that I am off for a bite to eat and will then see how I am feeling. I take things one day at a time these days. Enjoy your day.

In Closing I Would Like To Wish You Well.

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