What’s Happening Here In Port Loring, Ontario On Christmas Morning/2022

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Good Morning!!!

And Merry Christmas to ya all!

We made it … with another Christmas upon us. I bet there are some pretty excited people waking up this morning. Especially the young ones!

I have to admit, my wife and I sure miss the look on the faces of our young ones, when they got out of bed seeing all the presents lying under the tree, along with their stocking stuffed full of all kinds of goodies. But … the memories are still vividly in our minds of what did take place … many years ago. That is one thing that no one can take away, at least for now.

On another note, it is cold out there this morning with the temperature waking up sitting at -13.5 C | 7.7 F. It will remain cold for the next couple of days, before it warms back up a wee bit, which will be nice. I don’t like the cold that much anymore. Although… with the wood heat, it is quite comfortable here in our home. Nothing on this earth of ours can compare to wood heat. Well … hot water heat is pretty close. I had it in one of our homes on the farm, and it was damn nice, too. Kind of miss it, actually. The water was heated with an oil burner, though. Still nice. What isn’t nice … is the Government charging all that dumb tax on it, just crazy thinking on their part. Especially in a country that has lots of it right under our feet. They tax and punish us for using it, when they sell it to other countries. It is all about money, not common sense. Sheesh, here I go again, so enough of that … it’s Christmas, and I am not going to give them … the satisfaction of getting me riled up. Ha ha.

Highway 522 is pretty well bare, there are some icy sections throughout, but there should be no reason why folks can’t get to where ever they are going, be it family or friends. Here again though we were told the storm of the century would be hitting us, and looking outside for the past three days we only had around 5 or 6 inches at best. Mother Nature does what she wants. She doesn’t cater to any Government or high-tech equipment, that’s for sure. Thank goodness for that!!

With that, I am off for some pancakes that my Lovely Wife is making for me, and will then see if I can finish up a Christmas Podcast I have been working on. If I get it finished … I will put it live here on my Blog, along with other places on the Internet … including your Google Home a bit later on. If you have a Google Home, Just Say … Hey Google, Play Just One More Story By George Walters. Say it clearly … and It will play the last Newest Episode for you. I did put one on yesterday about Soda. Give it a listen too, I am sure you will enjoy it. I have been getting emails Gall or with folks letting me know how much they are enjoying them. You can also, listen to them right here on my Blog too for those that didn’t know. Here is the link …. George Walters Podcast

Have A Great Day My Friends, & Stay Safe If Out And About.

And Once Again.

Merry Christmas!!!

The Sun Just Came Out!

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