What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada On Feb 7/2023

The phrase on the image below also applies to Canada.
I can recall the times when events of that nature occurred.
Today, though, not so.
It seems that some advancements, don’t amount to much.

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Good Morning!

When I first got out of bed, the temperature was -2.7 C or 27.14 F.
As the day moves forward, the temperature will increase a little.

A few ice patches can be found all along Highway 522, which is partially covered in snow.
Overnight, we didn’t have any more snow.
Having said that, the sky is rather dark to the west, so we might see a little more of the white later on.
We’ll have to wait and see.

Additionally, there is a lot of wind outdoors, which will result in warmer temperatures.
That’s okay with me, since I’d like to see some of this snow and ice melt.
But whatever happens, happens.

I didn’t do much yesterday with my wife not being well.
She is active this morning, but she needs to take it easy.

Having said that, I’m going to get a bowl of cereal and then work away on one or two stories I have in mind for my columns.
Stay Safe!

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