What’s Happening In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Feb 18/2023

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Good Morning!

It’s a cloud morning here in Port Loring. It is also a bit cooler than what it has been, with it sitting at -3.1 C | 26.42 F. It will warm up to a touch above the freezing mark as the day moves forward. And it will warm up even more for tomorrow, which should bring us some more melting. We did have another 5 inches or so the night before last. Which kept me busy cleaning our driveway. I didn’t get it all finished as my wife was sick in bed. But at least we can get in and out of the driveway if need be. After that I worked on a few things here in the house helping out my lovely wife. When one of the team isn’t well, the other one takes over and pulls the load. Kind of like the old pair of Clydesdale we used to have many years ago. The good old days.

On another note, highway 522 is bare this morning, which will make travelling pretty good for those having to go to North bay or where ever.

With that I am going to see how my wife is and then will see what the day has in store. I hear her moving around, which is a good sign. Maybe I will get my hair combed this morning. Ha ha. You know, she has been doing that now every morning for almost fifty years. Amazing how a little thing like that can mean so much.

Have a good day and stay safe. There is a lot of sickness out there at the moment. GW

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