What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Feb 28/2023

Good Morning!

Well. Here it is the last day of February. Time sure flies by. The temperature waking up was sitting at -6.6 C | 20.12 F. It will warm up to a touch above the freezing mark a bit later on in the day. And we could see another few inches of snow. Tomorrow it will warm up even more with lots of melting. Maybe the 3 inches we had yesterday and through the night, and what we are going to get today will melt, and I won’t have to wake up my old snowblower. That would be nice. Highway 522 is snow covered this morning and with some new snow moving into our area I would think it would be a good day to stay at home. That is, if you can.

On another note, yesterday I worked away here in the house and with the weather being as it is I will be doing the same today. Kind of nice to be able to do what you want in life.

In any case.
Having to work nonstop for more than 60 years, my wife and I earned it.
Not like some of the individuals who constantly siphon off resources from the system. Such is life. As the old saying goes, it takes all kinds to make up a world such as ours. Be it right or wrong.

I sometimes look back at the things my wife and I have done, and I shake my head in disbelief. I have to say, though, we sure had an interesting life, even if it was a life with a lot of bumps in the road.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife is preparing for me and will then see what the day has to offer other than what we have planned. I think we are going to be needing some more homemade bread, so I will help out with that. I’m the kneader. Ha ha. You do get your exercise doing that. Have a great day and stay safe. GW

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