What’s Happening In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Feb 3/2023

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Good Morning!

Being that I wasn’t feeling well, I missed a few days of writing on my blog.
It seems like today is better.
Health-wise, this winter has been pretty crazy.
Yet, despite my age, I am still on the move, so I guess that counts for something.

Looking outside, we are having some sunshine this morning, which is sure nice to see. However, it is still quite cool with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at -18.4 C | -1.12 F. But being as cold as it is, it will warm up well above the freezing mark as the day moves forward.

Highway 522 is clear of snow and dry this morning, which will make travelling good for those wanting to go anywhere.

On another note, I didn’t do much for the past couple days other than clean out our driveway. I also managed to wash our car, as it was a heck of a mess caused by all the chemicals they are putting down on the highways these days. Not much we can do about that, being that we humans like to move around a lot.

Depending on how I feel today, I may resume writing a new novel that I have in the works.
It’s progressing well.
It’s quite different from the writing I’m accustomed to, but it’s been enjoyable.
With that, stay safe. GW

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