What’s Happening On May 2/2023

Good Morning!

It’s another cloudy morning here waking up, and we are still in the midst of some rain, Three more days of not so good weather folks, and then we are into some summer like weather. Now in saying that once it warms up, we have to deal with them pesky Black Flies, and once they have had their meal of the year another blood sucking parasite enters into the picture. Which are called the mosquitoes. They remain with us for most of the summer. Some years they are not so bad, but other years, well let’s just say some of us humans are a bit thinner, caused by blood loss that these pesky things have removed from us. Ha ha.

But hey, other than that, it is a great part of the world to live in.

Highway 522 has started to become busy these past few days, and I have noticed some more campers edging their way into our area. And they will steadily increase as the days warm up. It is nice, to see folks out and about.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat, maybe a piece of toast with some homemade jam, I am not all that hungry this morning; and after that we will see what the day has in store.

Have a great day, better days aren’t that far off, weather wise.

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