What’s Happening On May 8/2023

It’s a sunny morning here, waking up. Nice to see after a day of rain. And if lucky, the sun will remain with us for most of the week. Which in turn will dry things up a bit. Once that happens, I will then be able to work up our veggie garden. I like to get the soil turned over as soon as I can as I do have some things that can be planted early like potatoes. If I can get them in early, we can be eating them early. I put in a row first, then a couple more rows later on, that way we have lots that will last us through most of the winter. It’s getting harder and harder to find good hard potatoes in the winter time. Most are soft and so old they taste terrible.

Traffic is picking up in and around our area with new folks roaming around, along with our locals wanting to do some outside work, after being cooped up all winter.

The blackflies are around but not biting yet, so it won’t be long before they become annoying, then comes them pesky deer flies. Those things, once they get an eye on you, won’t leave you alone for a minute. And they can bite too. But that’s the joys of living in the country. However, over the years, my lovely wife and I have become accustomed to them.

Today, being that it isn’t raining, my wife and I have some outside work to do before we get into our gardens, which will keep us busy for most of the day.

With that I am off for a bowl of shredded wheat and a piece of toast and will then get to work.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. It is a touch cool this morning but i twill warm up as the day moves forward, an even warmer tomorrow. GW

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