What’s Happening on May 10/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a nice morning here, waking up. The sun is with us, and it should remain with us all day long. I hope so, as we sure need it to get the plants growing, and the soil warmed up, so we can get to planting our spring crops. Highway 522 is still busy and will continue to get busier as the days go by, with more tourists and folks moving into our area, taking advantage of our nice country. I can’t say I blame them neither, as we sure do live in a great area. At least in the summer.

Bug Report: As of now, we have some Black Flies roaming around looking for prey, but they aren’t biting all that much yet. However, that will change in another few days. Or it could be sooner if the temperatures warm up a wee bit more. Which it is looking like it is going to do, as things will warm up a lot more today than it has been.

On another note, yesterday my lovely wife and I went to town to pick up a few things that we were in need of, and along with that she had a dentist appointment. It was a really nice day other than spending money. I couldn’t believe how much things cost us. Especially groceries. I almost fell over at the cash register checking out. It sure amazes me that they can get away with charging what they do. In other countries, people would be marching in the streets. Here in Canada being a multicultural country no one complains, fearing what might happen if they do. Sure is a mixed up country we live in, that’s for sure. These huge corporations, and …. hold all the cards, so to speak. I will say this, though. They are cutting their own throat, as eventually things will catch up to them. I just hope I am around to see it. So to speak, that is. Ha ha After we picked up our groceries we got gas, which was also up there in price. Our powers that be has people believing that taxing our fuel is helping the environment, which if looked at, isn’t helping at all, at least from where I stand. Kind of funny, they now say that if you take a vacation in Canada, you can claim the vacation on your taxes come the end of the year. The only thing is, the tax on the gas is so high that people can’t afford to go anywhere. They in my mind do as they always have. Give a little to make people happy, and then take it away. The trouble with that is, they take a pile more than they give. And the taking part in my eyes doesn’t accomplish anything, other than …. well, I won’t get into that this morning.

Anyway, after we bought what we needed we picked up a bite to eat and ate it in our car, while people watching, we still don’t feel it is all that safe to sit in a restaurant without a mask on. And it is pretty hard to eat with a mask on. We might change our ways in another month or so, We don’t wear our masks around our home any more or around people when outside. Once we finished our lunch, my wife poured us a cup of tea, that she made before we left and headed on home taking in the sights. The trees are sure putting on a show right now with them showing off their brand-new leaves. I call it spring colours. Sure is nice to see things waking up.

With that I am off for a bagel with some cream cheese and will then see what the day has in store. Have a great day and try and get outside and take in some of that sunshine, which we all are in need of. GW

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