What’s Happening On May 31/2023

Good Morning!

Well, it’s been a couple of days since I have been able to post here on my blog. My lovely wife and I have been so busy with things going on around the house here, and … I am still not able to walk too far. But as I say, lots is being done. Like our new roof here on our home. The roofing company did arrive on Monday and finished it yesterday. And I have to tell you, they did a fantastic job. I have seen a few roofing companies in my lifetime, but these guys sure knew what they were doing. Ended up once the old shingles were off, my wife and I decided on covering our whole roof of our house with new plywood. Not cheap by any means. The reason being that when they built this house in 1926 they used boards and when they installed them they were probably still somewhat green, and well over time they shrunk leaving some gaps, and some were different thickness’s. So knowing that being a woodworker for many years, we brought it up to modern time so to speak. Now, when looking at the new shingles they are all laying nice and flat and with the new plywood it will also make our house a bit warmer come winter. They also laid down all the new ice shields and coverings before the new shingles went down, along with new vents, flashings and drip edges. All in all it turned out real nice, and we couldn’t be happier. If anyone is in need of a good roofing company, the name of the company is All Heights Roofing from Field, Ontario. Ask for Steve. Say George From Port Loring sent ya. Great company to deal with and on top of that they are fair when it comes to pricing. Kind of sad that we had to go out of town to get someone. But it’s not that we didn’t try! As we have been looking for someone for two years, and either their prices were way out of line and I mean way out of line, or they just didn’t want to do it. At any rate, maybe it was for the best, as we did find these guys, and they looked after us. We also got the top of the line shingles.

On another note, my wife and I did manage to get our veggie garden planted last Sunday. It was a challenge with all them pesky black flies annoying us and the both of us not being all that well. We got up around five in the morning and were finished around 11:00 AM. The reason for that was, we wanted to beat the heat, as I knew the hot weather was closing in on us. At any rate, it is done and now other than keeping it watered, we can sit back and watch it grow. We are sure looking forward to enjoying them when they get up to size. Especially the tomatoes and lettuce and garlic…. oh hell, we enjoy them all. Ha ha.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat and a cup of tea that my wife is preparing for me, and will then see what the day and my body has in store. Stay safe and have a great day. GW

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