What’s Happening in Cottage Country on June 24/2023

Good Morning!

Looking outside, things are shaping up to be a real nice day. The sun is slowly rising in the east, which makes me happy I am able to get out of bed. My wife and I enjoy the morning sunrise every bit as much as the sunsets. It will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. This is the kind of weather that you need to get up early and get your outside chores all done up before 10 when the heat arrives. It’s nothing new for my wife and I, being farmers in the beginning we were always out of bed by 5, sometimes earlier. We had a whole day’s work done before most folks even thought about rollin’ outta bed. Ha ha! Them days, sure do bring a smile to my face, though I have to admit, I’m mighty glad for the things we’re able to do nowadays. It’s a different kind of satisfaction.

Highway 522 is getting busier every day with a lot of new folks, tourists and cottage folks roaming around. It is nice to see folks out and about enjoying life.

Bug Report: All is good these days other than a few mosquitoes and deer flies. Other than eating a bit of garlic or wearing some green clothing, there isn’t much you can do. For me, they don’t bother me all that much and the ones that do … well my old hat takes care of them.

On another note, being so dry, my wife and I watered my veggie garden. With the sunny, warm weather and the water we have been giving our plants, they are growing leaps and bounds. I will take a few pictures later on to show you how they are making out.

Today we will finish up our eaves, all that is left is to put our eve troughs back up, and we should be good for the summer.

With that I am off for a bagel that my lovely wife is preparing for me and will then see what the day has in store other than what I have planned. Who knows what kind of shenanigans and adventures await me?

Enjoy your day, and remember, the power to make it truly good rests solely in your hands. GW

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