What’s Happening in Cottage Country on July 25/2023

Good Morning!

Well, starting things off, we are in the midst of a lot of smoke this morning, which is caused by the forest fires in Quebec and North East of us. You can really smell and see it this morning. A blue haze covering our whole area. So care will have to be taken if out and about for any length of time. But in saying that we have been lucky, as for most of the year so far it has stayed clear of us. It all depends on which way the wind is coming from. So until the wind changes direction, or we get some rain, we will have to put up with it. Other than that it is a nice day with the temperature sitting at 17.1 C | 62.78 F. We should be getting some rain later on this afternoon and through the night. I hope so, as we sure need it, as do the plants and things. A lot of humans only think of their own kind, when in reality there are a lot of other things, and critters that are effected. Even the soil for that matter.

Bug Report: Every thing is good in that department other than a few Mosquitoes and Deer Flies, which aren’t all that bad.

Highway 522 is or was busy with lots of people roaming around our area from other parts of the world, along with a lot of motorcycles. There is also a lot of new homes and buildings being built these days, as there is a never-end amount of trucks with building materials going up and down our highway. Sign of the time, I suppose. Is it a good thing? Well … I can tell you what I think, but it wouldn’t do any good. It’s kind of like when folks say the more business in the area, the better, when in reality if there are too many, all selling the same thing, the end results are that the business community dies. Being the age my wife and I are, we have seen it all. At any rate, folks do what they do, that’s how they learn. Right?

On another note, my wife and I worked most of the day installing our new eve troughs along the one side of our home yesterday, as the fellow we had working on it had some issues. So, wanting it done, we decided to finish it ourselves. It was a job for sure, and we still aren’t finished, but will finish it this morning if things goes to plan. My wife is doing the ladder end of things. She is a worker for sure. It isn’t getting done as fast, but it’s getting done. And if it doesn’t rain, we will have to water our veggie gardens. I am hoping it rains, Ha ha.

We also have been steadily eating this year’s garlic, digging one every day and adding it to our daily in-take of food. I like it now as it is so tasty and not as hot. You should try it sometime. We also are using the Scapes, a top part of the garlic in our salads that we are getting from our gardens now I have to tell you it sure tastes good. If you have never had fresh lettuce or spinach you’re sure missing out as there is no comparison to what they are selling in the grocery stores these days.

With that, I am off for some pancakes this morning and my lovely wife just opened another jug of Mike Clappertons Maple Syrup. I don’t think there is any better out there these days.

Have a great day. GW

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