What’s Happening In Cottage Country on June 30/2023

Good Morning!

We are starting the day off with some rain, which will make the plants and things happy. It will also help with the forest fires that are out of control all through the north. We should also see some sunshine throughout the day along with a possible thunderstorm. We will have to see what develops as the day moves forward. The good news is, we don’t have to water our veggie garden for a few days. But in saying that, we are in for some more really hot weather starting on Saturday and lasting until next Thursday. So you might have to follow the shade for a few days, along with wearing a hat.

Highway 522 was quiet yesterday, not many folks moving around. But that will change now that the kids are out of school, along with a lot of people starting their summer holidays.

Bug Report: Things are pretty good in that department these days, other than some small ones that are attracted by the exhaust fumes from your car or equipment. They don’t usually bite, but they are annoying as there are so many of them.

On another note, my wife and I did get all our grass cut and trimmed up yesterday. It took us most of the morning. The grounds around our home looks like a manicured park. Actually better, as over the years my wife and I have developed a knack in making things look pretty. Today I will clean up my shop as it is a mess with all the work we have been doing on the house. After that we will see, if it isn’t too hot in the coming days I might extend one of our decks making it a touch larger. I need room for the new outdoor checkerboard I made awhile back. Ha ha. We will see how that goes.

With that, I am off for some pancakes that my lovely wife is preparing, and will then see what the day has in store other than what I have planned. I never know, really.

Have a great day!

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