Old Driveway New Driveway

Well, my lovely wife and I have had a couple busy days attending to customers that visited our gift shop. We also decided to see if I could fix up our driveway, so it looks better. I was going to buy a truck load of new stone but got to thinking. Why do that when I know there are tons of old stone hidden away under the grass? So using a bit of ingenuity, I came up with a plan. What I did was, I took an old mower deck I had, put a couple cement blocks on top of it and then hooked it up to my 4 Wheeler and drug it up and down the driveway, which in turn loosened up the old stone. End results it now looks as if I put in a new driveway and the best part is it didn’t cost me a cent. The top picture is the old driveway, of course ha ha.

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