What’s Happening In Cottage Country on July 16/2023

Good Morning!

We here in Cottage country are in the midst of a lot of clouds this morning. We didn’t have any rain through the night. But in saying that, we could see some rain throughout the day. And by the looks of things, the clouds will be the dominant feature for the day.

Bug Report: All is well, but being so damp and warm out for the past few days a few mosquitoes are starting to enter into the picture and of course we can’t forget the deer flies. Once they get their sights locked onto you, they stay with you, annoying you for no reason. They are just down right mean, Ha ha.

Highway 522 is getting a wee bit busier every day with folks wanting to get away from the cities.

In our area, a lot of the new folks moving in lately have come straight outta them big cities. They’re lookin’ for a place where they can stretch their dollar a little further, and I can’t rightly blame ’em for that. But I just can’t figure out why them Powers That Be keep bringin’ in more immigrants when we’re already short on space, and housing. Right now, a whole heap of ’em are settlin’ down in tents right on the street, beggin’ for a handout.

If we keep on this path, our country’s going to end up plumb broke. Truth be told, we’re already knee-deep in debt, and things are fixin’ to get even worse if they keep at it. Now, mind you, I ain’t got nothin’ against a bit of immigration, but we have to make sure we can take care of ’em, or they can take care of themselves without us dippin’ into the hard-earned money of the workin’ man/woman.

Either way, things are comin’ to a head. No matter where you turn when you head into town, there’s always someone down on their luck standin’ near them buildin’ entrances, askin’ for some spare change. And let me tell ya, some of ’em get downright ornery if you ain’t willin’ to hand over a few bucks.

On another note, yesterday being that it didn’t rain I managed to finish cleaning up our driveway with my lovely wife’s help, and I have to say it sure looks nice. It’s amazing what a feller or gal can do using a bit of ingenuity along with some physical labor. You know, that is the biggest factor of how my wife and I got to where we are today. Doing and making things ourselves along with doing without, a lot of things that most go in debt for.

With that, I am off for a boiled egg this morning with some fried potatoes and a piece of toast, which should give me the necessary protein to last me till lunchtime.

Have a great day! GW

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