What’s Happening In Cottage Country on July 20/2023

Good Morning!

We are having a wee bit of rain starting off our day here in Cottage Country. It started around 7:00 AM this morning. We could see some sunshine intervals later on.

Highway 522 is still quiet these days. Although, we have had a lot of people dropping by our gift shop, which is nice. I enjoy seeing and talking to folks.

Bug Report: There are a few deer flies annoying folks along with some mosquitoes if you’re in the dense woods.

On another note, knowing we were going to have some showers today, my wife and I decided to get the mowing for the week out of the way yesterday afternoon. So today I can work away on an old trailer I had given to me a few years ago. It had been sitting for over 40 years or so and was about shot. The top, that is, but the frame and axle once I got all the old wood off it looks like new. So now I will add a new floor and some sides, and it will make one dandy trailer for towing behind our 4 Wheeler. It will make it nice for bringing firewood into the house this fall, along with other things. And Fall isn’t that far off, with August already on the horizon. Time sure flies by. The good news is, I am starting to feel a lot better these days. I am still not able to do what I used to do, but that’s okay. That front porch of ours is looking more enticing every day. Which my wife keeps on telling me we need to do more of. And she is right, but it is a hard thing for a fellow to do when he has worked hard every day of his life and liking it.

With that you all have a great day, make it a great day, and I am off for a couple pieces of toast and jam for a change. I have always said a change is as good as a rest. GW

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